Lists and Single/Double Tap on list item distinguishing

Hi everybody, 

I decided to write this post as I haven't found any clear solutions for the tasks I met. Writing a driver for Autonomic Mirage Media Server (MMS) I faced the necessity to provide a good way for the user to manage content of the media server so that the user could find and select the media to include into 'now playing' list. Imagine the following situation. A user wants to find a content to play by genre. I want to show on the popup both the list of genres as well as the list of albums related to the selected genre. Once the user choose a specific album, I want to show both the list of albums, related to the selected genre, as well as the list of songs within the selected album. Of course there are a number of ways how to organize that but I didn't want to have a mess of popups and I wanted the user to clearly understand the 'chain'. 

Thus I decided to do the following. A created a popup with a static list of 'list' popups. At once only two 'list' popups are visible. Once the user chooses the item in the left list within the 'list' popup, I scroll the static list so that the right 'list' popup becomes the left one and the third 'list' popup becomes visible... I didn't use the practice to populate a single list with different data as in a real life so called 'list popups' will have completely different layout.        

One more thing to be mentioned: I wanted to distinguish a single tap on the list item from a double tap and do different things. For instance I wanted to show special popup on the double tap on the item so that the user could choose whether to play the album/song immediately or just add it to the playlist.

In the attached project there are both technics are shown. Probably there is an easier way to do the same or I reinvented the wheel...

Vladimir Makarov


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