Delay on starting iridium application for KNX initialization

"I created a Iridium projekt with KNXip and Modbus TCP connections to a Wago-Controller 750-849 (KNXip) and a 750-880 Controller (Modbus TCP). Everthing works fine.

The project contains about 250 KNX feedbacks. Evertime the application on iPad4/iPhone4 is started, iridium starts the initialization of the feedbacks. This takes about 20 sec. (checked with group adress monitor in ETS).
In this period commands are difficult to send/are not sended.

Is there a possibility to get an information (e.g. token) when the iridium application starts, to trigger a popup ?
It would be helpful to show the information "initialization running, please wait" to the user and simultaniously block the other pages/popups, until initialization has finished.

The easiest way to setup an initialize page is  add a popup to your project that covers the entire screen.  Now add whatever text graphic that will inform the user that they have to wait.  

In the object properties of the popup there is a property called Lifetime,  its measured is milliseconds.  Put your wait time in there.

Now in the properties of the project file, add this new popup to the list of popups that start.
That's it you should have a wait page showing at the start of the project.
thanks for your proposal but the popup with lifetime limitation appears only if the iridium project is loaded by iridium transfer or if the app on the apple device is really stopped and completely new started. If i just push the Exit-Button on the apple device and afterwards tab the iridium app for starting iridium mobile, the application shows the last page before exit without showing the "information" popup. However the initialization starts every time. Any idea ?
It can be done using a iRidium script.   by attaching a listener to the IR.EVENT_ONLINE event the function in the listener would simply show the wait popup.

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