Speech API

Work with voice is added in iRidium Client.

1. In order to test the project you are required to receive the api key:

  • Google
    • You are required to be subscribed to the group of developers.
    • Then go to the developer's console https://cloud.google.com/console .
    • Create a project.
    • Go to the API Manager tab, input Speech in the search field and connect the module.
    • Then go to the Credentials tab and click Add Credentials
    • Select API key - > Browser key
    • Input the name if it is required
    • Then click Create
    • The key is created
  • Yandex (RU only) !Currently in development!
    • Follow the link
    • Enter the login/password of your Yandex mail box
    • Then click to receive the key
    • Indicate the name and select Yandex SpeechKit
    • Fill in information and click Send
    • The key is created

2. Then it is required open the project in the editor.

3. Open the JS window.

4. In the right tree of JS modules select "speech"

5. You will see two variables google_key and yandex_key

6. Insert the received keys to the corresponding variable.

Image 10394

7. Start the project.

You can download the project here

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