Popen - a process enabling iRidium Server to execute a command in the Windows and Linux command string. Popen does not work in the i3 pro client application. Executing of Popen opens the file directory of the process and allows you to sent information about command work in the indicated instance of the listener function. In order to execute several commands and distinguish information about their work, create Popen instances.


var cmd_process = new Popen (command, function);

input value description
command 'ping' type: string
the command for execution in the command string (cmd.exe)
function cmd_result type: function
the instance of the listener function where the results of command execution will be sent

line .onRecieve type: string
the data generated by the command during execution. The .OnReceive event is activated in the context of Popen and receives the line string as an input parameter. The string can be output in the log or written in the iRidium Server variable
result .onEnd type: number
the code generated by the command at its finishing. The .onEnd event is activated in the context of Popen and result is received as an input parameter. You can output the code in the log or write in the iRidium Server variable:
  • 0 - the command is successfully finished
  • 259 and other numbers - errors. Error codes will be generated at execution of the .Stop() method - premature command finishing and in case of a negative result (for example, when the IP-address is unavailable for the ping command)
.Stop() .Stop() type: method
the command of forced finish of the Popen process. You do not need to finish the process if the .onEnd event is activated. But you are required to finish it when the command does not finish (for example, as continuous ping)


function Listener (cmd)
   this.onRecieve = function(line)
   this.onEnd = function(result)
      IR.Log('Command: '+ cmd + " Result: " + result);
function stop()
var cmd_result    =  new Listener ('ping');
var cmd_process   =  new Popen ('ping', cmd_result);

To finish the process use the Stop() method. Command which do not finish by themselves must be stopped as each of them uses OS resources and affects speed of operation

Popen works only in iRidium Server on Windows and Linux. It does not work in i3 pro

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