Parameters of Tag Writing in the System Database

Recording data in the database

Set tags before starting to work with the base. It can be done when creating a server project.

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Store In DB allows to define how to write tag value.

  • None - tag value are not writtedn in the base;
  • Signed 32bit - tag values are written in whole numbers
  • Float 64bit - tag values are written in decimal fraction;
  • String UTF8 - tag values are written in a line with UTF8 coding.

    There are 2 strategies of recording data:
  1. Deadband - if tag value is less than the number in the “Deadband” field, value won't be written. This strategy works only for numbers.
  2. Interval - values are writtedn at an interval. The interval can be selected from the offered list or can be set. To do it, select “Custom” value and enter your time and a mesurement unit.
! When Deadband = 0, every tag change ir written (irrespective of the value change). In this mode of work the size of database increases very fast.

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