To Open the Web-interface - Learn the Server IP-адрес

To open the server web-interface, you need to know its IP-address. You can learn it via iRidium Transfer.

Important! The server and the device with running Transfer must be in one local network. How to learn the IP-address:

  1. Start iRidium Transfer.
  2. Click on the icon of network scanning.
    Image 11699
  3. Wait until the whole local network is scanned.
  4. Select the required server in the list (for example, on Iridium_KNX(Serer)_15):

    Image 11700

  5. You will see the server IP-address in the Last IP field.

To open the web-interface, open the browser and write the device IP-address and its port (8888 for all devices) in the search box. For example:

Image 11701

P.S. In the future you will be able to open the server web-interface in iRidium Transfer.

  1. Select the required server
  2. Right-click on its name
  3. Click on "Show web-interface" in the appeared menu

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