Zigbee and z-wave

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Hi. Is there a easy way to add and controll both zigbee and z-wave gear true i3 lite?

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Hello. Yes, in i3 Lite you can use zigbee and z-wave together. If you have any problems with the setup, please let us know.

how? Zigbee true philips hue modul?

or do the veraedge module support verapluss server so I Can get both z-wave and zigbee true it?

You need to connect to your equipment via Philips Hue Bridge. Controlled by Z-Wave VeraEdge and Philips HUE modules.

how do i connect to philips hue bridge? After i press authorize in hue modules nothing happens.

As I understand it, you are logged in, trying to use the scanner, but it does not find the connected equipment?

yes. It looks like it searching after the hue bridge but dont find it. All are on same net and my google did find it easy.

Ok, we will check this case for errors, as soon as information appears, we will inform you.

any one know whay i cant add hue bridge?


Hello, we have found a bug in the philips hue module, we will inform you as soon as the module is fixed.


Fixed bug in Philips Hue module. Please update the module to check.

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