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Temperature graph

Harald Kjellevik 3 years ago in Modules updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 3 years ago 3

Please add a module with a widget showing historical temperatures by room, outdoor, by day, by week and so on.


No curtains/shutter widgets in Modbus module for i3 lite

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 3 years ago in Modules updated by Slava Zhuravlev (expert) 2 years ago 2


There are no widgets available for shutters/curtains in the i3 lite module for Modbus.

Please add




Apple TV Driver Appear In i3 Lite Store

Dmitry Ryzhkov 4 years ago in Modules updated by Govinda Raja 2 years ago 5

Hello everybody, moving projects in somebody:)))

New Apple TV Lite driver in the Cloud Store.


Alexa Gate active words

Adir Peleg 2 years ago in Modules updated 2 years ago 7

I use HDL with alexa gate

For Light and AC i use "tune on" \ "turn off" 

For AC Fan Speed - what words should i say ?

For AC Mode change - what words should i say ?

For Global Cache Macros - Turn On \ Turn OFF work :), but  "active macro" doesn't work (For use with macros name "TV OFF, Room AV OFF"). if i want to use "tv off "macro i have to say "Turn ON TV OFF" whice is a problam.


Adir Peleg


Zwave fibaro Madule

avaneesh pathak 3 years ago in Modules updated by Dmitriy Shilyaev 2 years ago 29

Dear Team


First of all , thank you very much for help on different  module and technology .

Here ,I'm writing for Zwave Fibaro  JS Module which is available on website .

I'm a system integrator of KNX and z-wave ,where I want to use iridium for its advanced capabilities and GUI.

I tried with readymade driver , its work very fine .

1:- In this module  , the the device id is programed in setup JavaScript and according the property of the device , the popup came  but how can I program it for a real home eg. let say a home with 4 bedroom and one living .

In living  I have installed 4 switching  actuator (id-12,13,14,15) ,1 Dimming(id -16) , 2 Curtain(id -18,19) ,1 RGB(id -20,21,22) and so on with master room ,Kids room , parents room,and guset room (4  S/W, 2Dim ,2 Curatin , 1RGB In each room) .

Now I want to give the client a proper GUI like iOS Style (Black edition) or iOS Style for Smart Home  or Slide (available for download On website ) with real-time feedback .How can I do that with zwave fibaro module .

Please help me to do this task ,if any example with fibro system with this type of control, you can provide its very useful for  me .

I want to give client a proper solution with Iridium with unlimited possibilities which is not possible with fibaro  application

Hope I make my self clear with the desire , feel free to ask if any question .

Eagerly waiting for positive reply



Integrate Daikin air conditioning systems

Manuel Dias 2 months ago in Modules updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 2 months ago 5

Daikin air conditioners are nowadays all equipped with an wireless controller . Could a JS Module be created to control Daikin AC units ?





Zigbee and z-wave

Kent-G 2 months ago in Modules updated by Anna Isaeva (expert) 4 days ago 14

Hi. Is there a easy way to add and controll both zigbee and z-wave gear true i3 lite?


Simple On/Off module

Teo Tudor 6 months ago in Modules updated by Anna Isaeva (expert) 5 months ago 6


I need a module with a simple On/Off KNX function with a status.

This was possible before with the simple KNX relay module before, but it was removed for some reason.

Now I can only use the existing ones in my project and I can't add new ones because they don't exist on the store.


Drivers and interfaces for Media (e.g. Maratz, Denon) previously available in V2

pjvgar 10 months ago in Modules updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 9 months ago 1

Hi, V2 of Iridium had ready on media drivers and interfaces, when are those going to be made available in the current version of Iridium Pro please?


Driver for Tado thermostats / heating

oggi katic 11 months ago in Modules updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 11 months ago 3

Hi there..

Do somebody have experience with integrating Tado heating with i3? or maybe developed drivers to use?