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Temperature graph

Harald Kjellevik 7 months ago in Modules • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 7 months ago 3

Please add a module with a widget showing historical temperatures by room, outdoor, by day, by week and so on.


No curtains/shutter widgets in Modbus module for i3 lite

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 1 year ago in Modules • updated by Slava Zhuravlev (expert) 2 months ago 2


There are no widgets available for shutters/curtains in the i3 lite module for Modbus.

Please add




Apple TV Driver Appear In i3 Lite Store

Dmitry Ryzhkov 2 years ago in Modules • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 1 year ago 2

Hello everybody, moving projects in somebody:)))

New Apple TV Lite driver in the Cloud Store.


Alexa Gate active words

Adir Peleg 2 weeks ago in Modules • updated 1 week ago 7

I use HDL with alexa gate

For Light and AC i use "tune on" \ "turn off" 

For AC Fan Speed - what words should i say ?

For AC Mode change - what words should i say ?

For Global Cache Macros - Turn On \ Turn OFF work :), but  "active macro" doesn't work (For use with macros name "TV OFF, Room AV OFF"). if i want to use "tv off "macro i have to say "Turn ON TV OFF" whice is a problam.


Adir Peleg

Under review

Marantz modue Lite

sten.erik.berntsen 2 months ago in Modules • updated by Dmitriy Shilyaev 2 months ago 3

Win client, happens on Andoid client also.

Receiver model SR 7012.

When using scanner, nothing found. When using the Marantz module, message about having to restart the project for the module is returned. After restart, the same thing happens again, and again, and...…

What is also worth noting, is that I'm pretty sure this worked fine when I ran in trial mode, without server.



awais 3 months ago in Modules • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 1 month ago 4

how can i use bluesound java script module. is there any manual?

Under review

AV & Custom Systems (HTTP) filtering problem

Lewis 3 months ago in Modules • updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 3 months ago 5


for using a REST API I need to make use of HTTP headers. Specifically Content-Length. I need to be able to send the header 'Content-Length: 0'. But it seems the DEVICE_CUSTOM_HTTP_TCP SendEx method filters any headers with the value of 0 or "0". Is there any workaround for this limitation?


Nest smoke alarm

Kent-G 8 months ago in Modules • updated by Paulo de Almeida 7 months ago 2

any module made for controlling nest smoke alarm and info from it?


Recommendations for Smart plugs

Simon Clennell 8 months ago in Modules • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 8 months ago 3

Can anyone please recommend some i3 lite compatible smat plugs ?  I have seen these which look good but they are certified Zigbee and I don't see a Zigbee module



Read and set UV i3Lite using HDL logic or UV module

Roger Stenvoll 8 months ago in Modules • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 8 months ago 3


Is there any instruction on how to use the HDL UV/Logic module in i3Lite?

I would like to be able to set an UV in my project.

Best regards,