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Run server as Windows service

Alessandro Munari 5 лет назад в Server Solutions / Windows Server обновлен Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 4 года назад 6

Hi, just as suggestion it would be better if the Iridium Server will start as Windows SERVICE. This will allow the start of the iridium server also if you were not logged into the system.


This is absolutely needed! i was thinking it IS already a Windows service, but - unfortunately- it's not!????!!!!

So, let's vote for it ;-)



What's the status for the iRidium Server running as a service???

Our installers expect this is a standard future in a high-end package like iRidium mobile....

Why it's still not working/implemented?



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We don't have any plans about implemented this feature at nearest time

P.S. Only 5 votes at 1 year - it is not important for clients ;)

the reason is simple for only 5 votes: only a very small number of installers knows this forum. From that number of installers, only a part is reading all ideas/bugs, and voting for it... I can't help :-(

So, ok: waiting for more votes :-)

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