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Thank you very much everybody. Finally, the "Virtual Smart Home" is working on my side.

The final hurdle was wi-fi network access type. As soon as I changed it from 'public' to 'private', it works like a charm.

Yes, it does, it's funny. If mouse moved upward or downward, it increases or decreases lightness of 'L' given left mouse button is pressed and held.

I followed your answer "1. To fix this problem" and arrived at this status (figure below);

As you can see, the Panel(1) is disconnected (repeated below);

Is this normal?

As a matter of fact, my RPi3 can't control i3 pro, yet.

In a big picture, should I have studied your webminar if I wanted not to ask this much questions on "Virtual Smart Home Demo"?


Problem solved. Please read my final posting of this issue. Well, I think this "Virtual Smart Home" questions could be marked as "SOLVED."

Please check out the image below. The "front yard" building image it is.

The light 'L' becomes brighter when I click 'A' while clicking 'B' makes 'L' dimmer.

Is it normal? Or is it a symptom that I did sth wrong?

This 'i3 pro' home model image doesn't respond to the event occurring at the 'i3 pro' on the Android/RPi3 side.

‘i3 pro’ running Smart Home Model on the PC initially looks following:

(Original Image)

After the top left image icon (Click) is clicked, it becomes the image below:

(Top-left Magnified)

Is there is a way to get back to the original(=initial) image?

Let me ask a couple of questions here.

  1. Why, in Studio, when I open a project(*.irpz) from the File menu, it askes me if I wanted to open a server project(*.sirpz)?
  2. What the red icon(below) means?

Please somebody give me answer.

I don’t understand why do I need to use ‘cloud’ to transfer a (pink)project to a local ‘i3 pro’(client) given the pink project exists locally on the same PC.

If I were to use the cloud anyway, how may I make ‘i3 pro’(client) download and use the pink project?

To test how i3 pro is doing on the PC side,

I added a text("Hello World" with pink background) on the 'page 1' of Screen.irpz and saved as "Pink.irpz".

<Page 1 with pink background text>

Pink project was "Send To Transfer"ed to Transfer well.

However, when I click update button it is not reflected to the "i3 pro" GUI running on PC.
<Project Updating Tried to Pink GUI>

<i2 pro GUI -- after update icon[in the above image: hourglass] became 2 'red' circular arrows>

What could be wrong?