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It worked! 

Some commands are not ok, for example the lights only turn on, but doesn't turn off... 

It does work perfectly. And if I change the parameters of the drive like this:

-> external IP instead of internal IP

-> 1080 port instead of 80 port

The device works externally too. 

What I want to know is a model of script or another method that I can use so, in te same project, the client can acess the device both on local network and outside the network.

Ok. But I've tried to use the model of script for AV & Custom Systems HTTP present in the API and it didn't work either...

Is there a different model of script to try with the Fibaro Driver?

Alright, everything that you told me until now I already knew. I followed this orientations and the fibaro driver doesn'n work with the use of scripts. 

What I wanna know is why when I try to make a script for the user chose, on the project, what is his type of connection (if it is internal or external), the Fibaro driver doesn't work, but the global cache driver works correctly. 

I wanna know what is the difference between this two drivers, because the fibaro driver only works if I do a project only dedicated to external acess and another only dedicated to internal acess. 

I wanna make only one project that the user can chose what is his type of connection so the properties of the driver can be changed automatically. 

Ok, but how do I proceed to connect to the Fibaro device outside the local network?

I'm sorry, I uploaded the wrong project. Please access the Drive folder again.


I am having trouble to atach the project here, but basically I tried to create a string with the function below. The device named "7Port" works correctly, but the 'Fibaro' device doesn't work... This device have a login and password as the other does not. I'm not getting to connect it on external connections, only internal.

function External()

var driver4 = IR.GetDevice("Fibaro");
driver4.Disconnect(); // disconnect from  equipment 
driver4.SetParameters({Host: "MyExternalIp", Port: "xxxx"}); // change the connection settings 
driver4.Connect(); // connect to equipment      

var driver3 = IR.GetDevice("7Port");
driver3.Disconnect(); // disconnect from  equipment 
driver3.SetParameters({Host: "MyExternalIP", Port: "xxxx"}); // change the connection settings 
driver3.Connect(); // connect to equipment



I have got to connect the device remottely, but now I need to create a method to acess it remotelly only when the phone is not in the internal wi-fi. I am trying to do this with strings but one of the devices - the one that has a login and password -  is not responding acordingly... Where am I failing?