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Dear, can I friendly ask if there's any update in this topic?

Is Studio 2019 already released, or is this still a beta version?

Would the offset (from astro klok) be available in the current Studio software?

Hello, any update update about the documentation which would be available?


Any update when the offset is available? I've just installed the latest version, but I didn't see the offset.
Thanks in advance.

Hello, do you have already an idea when the offset should be implemented? Thanks a lot!


with selecting 'specify the next day', this is working good now. Thanks a lot.

Any update when offset would be possible?

Thanks a lot!


Time zone UTC + 2:

Latitude: 51,000000

Longitude: 3,316700

UMC KNX server C2

Dear, thanks for documentation.

When I follow the instructions, the command/routine which started on the sunrise works good (schedule starts in the morning and the lights goes out). The command/routine at the end of the day (sunsit) doesn't start. When I've got a look into the log files, I see also the schedule isn't started in the evening.

Did you have tested the project as told in the documentation and checked this into the log files?

Because when I schedule a fixed time, it is not possible to finish a schedule if the time is before the starting schedule...

Dear, any update about the documentation and the offset option? Thanks a lot!