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Добрый день.

С  этой версией должно заработать нормально.

Onvif Pro (1).irpz

Исправленная версия модуля.

Onvif Pro.irpz

Не забудьте создать onvif пользователя и прописать его в модуле.

Добрый день.

Есть две учётных записи - от камеры и от onvif. Попробуйте в веб-интерфейсе onvif создать учётную запись и прописать её в модуле.


You need to make sure that the port is not occupied by another application. From i3 pro, you can access the port via a custom driver.

You can create a driver either in the editor or in a script.From the script, send commands using the Send method. To obtain the data either through EVENT_RECEIVE_DATA or EVENT_RECEIVE_TEXT.


1) You can't merge the project with itself anyway, since the project GUID is the same, even after saving.
2) The restriction on the project GUID that does not change after Save As is not a bug.
3) This restriction was enforced, since not only the project GUID is the same in the project, but all drivers and commands and tags will have the same GUIDs when they are installed, this cannot be allowed.
4) The old studio allowed you to do this, and so you often encountered synchronization errors in the case of identical HWIDs and edited projects manually. This is not right, so the new studio rejected it.

Hello, Theo.

Yes, it is possible. The Z-Wave documentation is here.

Try creating a new project, don't add anything to it, and merge it with one of the projects. The remaining two projects can be successfully merged.

Yes, it is.

Resaving the project under a different name doesn't fix this? If it doesn't fix it, what version of the studio is used?

Can you attach yours to the 2 projects you are trying to merge? This way we can figure it out faster. If your projects contain confidential information, then open a private ticket by referring to this discussion (attach a link to it).


2 years ago, a method was specified for copying pages with all the graphic elements from one project to another. The "Programming" bindings were never migrated when copying. It is pointless to transfer them in this way. If you need bindings, you need to create a copy of the project, remove all matching pages, popups, drivers from the copy, and make a Merge.

Then you will get the pages in the new project, the driver with the same bindings.

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