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If you want to send a message to the iRidium Server from the panel, use the iRidium Server driver in the panel project (TCP port 30464 by default). If you need to send a message to the iRidium Server from a third-party application (not i3 pro), it is easier in the server project to create a TCP server script on any free port and send messages to it.


TCP port 8888 is already used by a web server in iRidium. Use a different port for sending.

Сделаем возможность выбора при объединении. Сообщим по готовности.

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Можно объединять проекты (и в старой и в новой студии) и/или делать импорт irpz в новой студии.


An example of processing of the boolean in the panel project.




Thanks for the dumps. We'll check the Domintell driver and let you know when it's ready.

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В Иридиум драйвер 1-wire реализован только в виде датчиков температуры. Отправка команд не предусмотрена, только получение данных.


Let's clarify:

1) do You want to send the string "On" or "Off" to topics? If so, in the server project, change the "Value Type" from "Boolean" to "String".

2) do You want to see in the panel project on the value buttons? If so, output the values as "Text" and not as "Value". Then get this result:

If you want to control only from the panel, you can not change the server project, and in the panel to use the processing of the obtained values (if 0 came, then output to the "Off" button, if 1, then output "On").

You can only see the result of the command in the MQTT driver. You can use EVENT_TAG_CHANGE. The event ID will show the changes in the project's feedback.

Test Mqtt Ferry_edit.sirpz

The type of values in both feedbacks is Boolean, so they can be either 0 or 1. If you want to record "On" and "Off", select the string type.