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Информация о работе с Exchange тут.

Важное замечание: ваш сервер должен поддерживать Basic. Аутентификация NTLM и Kerberos не поддерживается. Перед началом работы из Иридиум, убедитесь, что сервер делает аутентификацию через Basic. Можно сделать это через Advanced REST client.

Through JS it is impossible to keep in touch feedbacks with buttons. The iRidium editor is designed for this purpose. You can write a value to the feedback via SetFeedback or send a command to the driver via Set. You can subscribe to the desired feedbacks via GlobalListener, but we strongly do not recommend this. Because it will complicate debugging if something doesn't work properly.

Yes, you can:

IR.GetPage ("Page 1").GetItem ("Item 1").State = 1;


Only through JS. You can use the property Visible.



Clarify: do you want to JS by pressing the button to send a certain value to the driver? If so, you can use Set:



To process the press, use IR.EVENT_ITEM_PRESS.

To delay command execution, use IR.SetTimeout.

To get feedback, use this IR.EVENT_TAG_CHANGE.

Look at the attached example. If we understand you correctly, we will add to our website documentation on your questions.


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Можете обращаться  к нему как к Custom Driver (Serial).

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