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Ok, but I didn't quite understand why do I need a server for it?

Can't I do it with a simple script?

I'm trying to make a script on top of the model you sent but I'm not having any sucess.

When I call this script (by pressing a simple button) the command goes perfectly:

function Volume11(){// Global Cache:
IR.GetDevice("7Port").Send(['<11VOxx', '\r\n'], 1);        // .Send command as string

But when I try this one by pressing the level nothing happens:

function Volume(){// Global Cache:

volume_value = IR.GetPage("Page Volume").GetItem("Item 1").Value;

IR.GetDevice("7Port").Send(['<11VO' + volume_value, '\r\n'], 1);        // .Send command as string

What am I doing wrong?

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