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Thank you very much, works like a charm.

Just have one more question: is there a script command which turns ON show status bar on iPad? 

Hi, do you maybe have an example of sending and receiving a message like that? I am assuming this can't be done with push because here the panel sends notification to server.

I've tried this and it works when i turn the iPad screen off or exit the i3pro app. But it doesn't work when i turn off WiFi for example. Is this script okay?

IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_RELEASE, IR.GetServer(), function (ID, LocalIP, LocalPort, HostIP, HostPort)


var time = IR.GetVariable("System.Time.24");

IR.Log("Release Client: "+time+", "+ID+", "+LocalIP+", "+LocalPort+", "+HostIP+", "+HostPort);

IR.GetDevice("HDL Buspro Network").Set("Relay 12CH:Channel 03", 0)

IR.GetDevice("HDL Buspro Network").Set("Relay 12CH:Channel 04", 0)

IR.GetDevice("HDL Buspro Network").Set("Relay 12CH:Channel 05", 0)

IR.GetDevice("HDL Buspro Network").Set("Relay 12CH:Channel 06", 0)


Hi Vladimir,

well basically I meant when iPad loses connection to iridium server, for whatever reason. My client wants to be sure that if they lose controll of the motors, that these motors will stop immediately.

Can't I just make that work with my existing local SIP server with DynDNS and port forwarding?

I have contacted Akuvox, here's what they said:

"Thanks for your share.

Actually, I look through the instruction. The sip server is provided by iRidium, and the server works locally. Please contact iRidium if there is possible that set sip server on iRidium mobile works on public network."

This is just for sending push notifications and it's not even for Akuvox. What I need is Iridium interface for Akuvox intercom (like in the picture) to work remotely, so user can open the door, see video feed and answer a call from intercom interface. I repeat, all of this works but only when user is on local network.

so should it be like this for multiple recipients?

function try_to_send()
send_email("Smart Home", "", "pass", "", "TEST email", "xxxxxx content xxx")
send_email("Smart Home", "", "pass", "", "TEST email", "xxxxxx content xxx")

Ok thank you. Can you just tell me how do i call this function later in the script for example? 

if(value == 100)

Like this?