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Very nice Andrey, the good topic because I'm working on it with receive_data and I was lost.


Thank you so much Andrey, it's working very well... by using in_value. I'll link the number XY to each button in my project.

For the feeback, it's different.... I'm working on it and I come back ;-) Have a great day.

Best regards

Really sorry Andrey, I'm a beginner with the server :-/ I realised that I was using driver channels in place of Virtual channels like you said... Now it's almost working... I just replaced the IR.GetVariable("Server.Tags.store_XY1") by in_Value to make tests :


When I insert the value 90, it's in the log and the http command is send to the driver but it doesn't react... Am I wrong somewhere ?

Below the logs, the first command was send from the virtual channel and the second from the driver channel (it's the same command in the box finally)

the first didn't work, the second is ok... what do you think ? I saw a difference : charset iso-8859-1 and UTF-8

Thank you very much for your help Andrey... It's difficult without your help :-)

So first I have to create a command and a feedback in the driver.

command : XY_command, type GET but what do I have to put in the URI bow as this URI last digit will be different?

Great, thank you both

Thanks Ekaterina. Do you have an idea for the date because I've to install 13 panels at my customers at the end of the month?

Thank you very much Andrey.

I tried to download the apk on the page you mentionned but it's the version 1.1.2_11401 (22.02.2017)

Do you have the right version ?