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Fixed bug in Philips Hue module. Please update the module to check.

The module will be fixed within a week.

Hello, we have found a bug in the philips hue module, we will inform you as soon as the module is fixed.

Ok, we will check this case for errors, as soon as information appears, we will inform you.

As I understand it, you are logged in, trying to use the scanner, but it does not find the connected equipment?

You need to connect to your equipment via Philips Hue Bridge. Controlled by Z-Wave VeraEdge and Philips HUE modules.

Hello. Yes, in i3 Lite you can use zigbee and z-wave together. If you have any problems with the setup, please let us know.

The fix for the GHome module is not yet complete, but the main errors have already been fixed. Want to rate the beta version of the module?

Good afternoon. This error is not repeated with our equipment. Try adding blinds to a clean project and let us know if the error persists.

Добрый день. Мы обновили модуль Onvif. Теперь вы можете выводить разные видео потоки камеры в отдельные сабдевайсы модуля.