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Hi, sure if you can share some screenshots that would be helpful. Can you paste them here in this topic?

I had both enabled, I was confident that iRidium would automatically choose the best available codec. I don't have the intercom available at this moment so I can't do anymore testing at this time.

I will test this the next time I have one and will open a new topic if I still can't get the video to work.

No, no video with SIP yet.

I'll use the RTSP stream for the video, can't spend anymore time on this issue.

sorry, forgot to mention that at this time I’m already using FreePBX server in between. Since the whole setup doesn’t work when I connect directly (that was the whole reason for this topic in the first place)

The right codecs are enabled on the server (h263, h263p, h264) and also video is enabled on the server. 

I've changed the number to 1, doesn't make a difference.

Yes, I've used Jitsi softphone.. works fine

Today I'm trying to get SIP video working, I've enabled H263 (and H263p) in Asterisk and like in the intercom sample project from iRidium I'm settings the Image property on the video object:

IR.GetItem("Talking").GetItem("sipvideo").GetState(0).Image = "sip_image://";

However when I place a call from the intercom and answer it in iRidium, there is no video and the Asterisk log shows:

[2017-09-27 17:29:49] WARNING[1800][C-0000002f] chan_sip.c: Ignoring video stream offer because port number is zero

Have you got any idea?

Let me rephrase that question.

In i3 Studio there is an option to import "SmartFlat XML Files":

Please give us the format/schema of these files, we will make a tool ourselves to generate an XML file that matches so we can run a bulk import.

At this time we do not need Helvar import support built-in in iRidium, we'll transform our "Helvar export" to something that is already supported by iRidium.

Sorry to hear that, it would make our lives as integrators a lot easier if this (in my opinion) small modification to the SIP driver would be made. Just register on port 5060 and only listen on 5060.. can't be that complex right?

I never bothered trying to get the SIP image working, I just use the RTSP stream instead.

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