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Hi Iain

I know this post is a bit old but if this is still of interest for other projects, here's what you could do.

In your example above you need to have a separate IP subnet per VLAN. Because your subnet mask is, the device is in the same subnet as This means that you can't route IP between the VLANS.

If you had a scheme whereby:

VLAN 1 (AV_CONTROL) Gateway (has to be in same subnet)

VLAN 4 (DANTE)     Gateway (has to be in same subnet)

You would then need a switch that can route IP (a layer-3 switch).

On a Cisco, the commands would be:

conf t

vlan 1



int vlan 1

ip address


vlan 4

name DANTE


int vlan 4

ip address


Now you can have your server in either vlan and it will be able to route to all of the other devices. Note the IP address for vlan 1 is probably already set as this is the default IP to manage the switch.