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Thanks for the suggestions. Got it working. 

Thanks for the instruction. I have removed the IP router and only used the UMC C3 server. Currently here are my 2 challenges. 

1. The i3lite server has been activated, however, I could not update the server. The server's current version is 1.3.5:17998 and the new version is  1.3.15:157. The update process keeps loading for 2 hours and it was still unable to finish the update process. Is there an alternative method to update the server?

2. Based on the guide (, I have activated the server(step 3), but how do I add the devices? I notice Step 4 onwards is using HDL IP gateway to scan the devices. For UMC server as gateway, how to scan and add the devices?

Thank you. 

Yes. I have my UMC C3 set up based on the guide.

And here is the HDL interface configuration.

However, I am still unable to scan the module using HDL Scanner, no module is shown in the scan. Any suggestions about this? 

Hi, may I know using HDL scanner, the host and the port is IP from IP router or the UMC server?