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Thanks sir.

Yes I hope ..

Still my question regarding the camera , is it possible for a user to take photo from the mobile camera and store it, or this method  IR.Camera is only for video streaming ?

Appreciate your help

Thanks , It works ..

that's my final code: 

function openGallery() {

IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_RECEIVE_PHOTO_FROM_GALLERY, 0, function(filename, filepath){
            var photoName = "photo_" + new Date().getTime().toString() + ".png";
            IR.RenameFile("images/" + filename, "images/" + photoName);
            IR.GetPopup("Popup 1").GetItem("img").GetState(0).Image = photoName;
            IR.GetPopup("Popup 1").GetItem("img").GetState(0).ImageStretch = 1;

Hai Ferry,

For i3 pro you need a virtual server,

// TCP server on port 5678
function start_tcp_server(server_name)
// name, port, max connections
var name = server_name;
var port = 5678; // any number will do
var max_clients = 10;
var tcp_device = IR.CreateDevice(IR.DEVICE_CUSTOM_SERVER_TCP, name, "", port, max_clients);

// start server

// inform when the server online
IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_ONLINE, tcp_device, function(text)
IR.Log("Server is ONLINE");

// register connected client
IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_ACCEPT, tcp_device, function(id)
IR.Log(tcp_device + " ACCEPT CLIENT "+id);

// process received data
IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_RECEIVE_TEXT, tcp_device, function(text)
IR.Log("INPUT DATA: "+text);
var strings = text
  case "All Living On" ://string from OH
  IR.SetVariable("Server.Channels.DSServer_Ipad.AllLiving_Preset", 255); //command in your Iridium Server
  IR.Log("Testing Command ON");


at your OH :

//Send TCP command

Switch Living_Control "Living Room" { tcp=">[ON:'All Living On'], >[OFF:'All Living Off']" }

you need to create an item that send out string.

if you want i3 pro to control OH items then you need to install classic UI then you can send this command :


Hope it will benefit you.

Let me know if you need any clarification.

I have used openHAB recently. Due to not able to control i3 pro with Alexa, i have made virtual tcp server running in i3 server and received command from OH. Quite simple but you need 2 server that talk together.

Yap. Using brower it's worked.