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The link Download .deb file - Link , opne a blank page

Version 1,18:12784



It is very importante that we can manage the client information.


I deleted the client account to try start from the beginig and use another password, but the system understand as a existent account, impossible to set another pass.




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Eng.Thales Massud Cavalcanti

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Did not have this information in my iphone and probably is the same on clients iphone


Thales Cavalcanti
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I did not find this "forgot password"

Hi there a created an account for my cliente, but it says password is invalid. How can I saw or change password

whete is the create an account button?

OK, it is working well. But now every time I open the Iridium all light turned off. How can I stop it?


I do not have in my Iridium Read Status of Channel is it the same as Single Channel Read Target?


But in this case I need to send a command to each channel, is it correct?

Hi Ekaterina,

Let me know if I am using the right command

Scene Control = Start Scen 1

Scene Read Status = Status On Start

If is right it did not do what I need, because it only read the Status when I start the program, I need it online, as I have when I use a channel command.

Is there a way to do this, oe a need to make a command with all channel to have this information?