Your comments

hi Oksana

I have the resources to test the TP5

you marked this thread completed does this means i3Pro supports TP5 ?

olga can I have a trial license for one device for iPhone ios10 I want to try before I move

also can you please check for me my licesnse Site license for AMX what exactly I should choose when I do the exchange on your website I don't want to do something wrong there are many options

Hi Olga another question please

my projects is done with TP design4 which I use to transfer to my panels with iridium transfer

my question

how will I transfer to panels TP4 files (if I do not want to use the cloud since internet is very slow in Egypt)?


I have a site license with unlimited number of panels for my AMX controller on V2 already

1-So I should select Visualization only and Enterprise+ for Unlimited number of Panels(as I already Have ) ?

2-this should be for free ?

thank you for your reply