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Hi Oksana,

The CBus relay is a RELDB1 - DIN Rail 1 Channel Shutter Relay. Model L5501RBCP

I managed to get an independant Up/Down/Stop working but there are still a couple of items I am having trouble with.

1) Is it possible to get real time feedback on the value/position of the blind. Presently, the feedback channel just shows 0 or 255 (or 2) dependant on the value I sent from the Up/Down/Stop buttons.

2) I still cant work out how to get a single button to perform Up/Stop/Down on subsequent presses (like if press an actual Clipsal wall button). Currently, the button you'll see in the project just cycles between Up/Down on subsequent presses.

Attached is my test iRidium project and a test CBus database.

CBusTestBed_iPhone6.irpz CLIPSAL_06_May_2015_1622_1.14.1.cbz

Thanks Olga,

I'll work along those lines (thank you for the sample project)
Its OK - found it :)

Static List itme on the main popup with entries in the 'Popups List' property

Thanks Sergey,

After a complete system reboot (TV/Controller/Router) all seems to be working now :)

Tought I was going crazy !!