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Hi Niky, replying to your email now

Hi - any chance I could get some feedback on this?


Thanks Dmitry - after a complete restart of the iPads and my router here, it seems to have settled down !!!!

Sorry for the bother, I'll assume it was iPad network issue and let you know if it comes back.

Thanks Dmitry - but that is already set.

I already have a dynamic image with that setting and it is placed on a object in one of my popups. When the project loads, the image quality is good.

In script, I then set the image to the Dynamic Image - IR.GetItem("nbg_Cameras_Modern").GetItem("CameraSource1").GetState(0).Image="Camera01_Live"; and the quality goes bad.

It's as if setting the Image property in script drops the rtsp_trasport parameter?? or something else??

I also tried setting the image property long hand - IR.GetItem("nbg_Cameras_Modern").GetItem("CameraSource1").GetState(0).Image=""rtsp://admin:11111@;"; but that still has bad quality..

Again... it all looks fine in the emulator on the PC, the problems appear on the iPad !!

Hi Dmitry - any ideas on the video quality issue?



Thanks Dmitry - that has fixed the issue with changing the image name (now works), however, it seems I still have an image quality issue?

Works OK in emulator, but on the iPad, when I drag the source video onto the target, the image stutters badly/shows a green bar, etc...

i.e. The target has the video source set to start with, so on the project load, the video quality is good. When I drag the same source to the same target (or a target next to it), the video starts to stutter badly.

Hi Dmitry - using i3Pro on an iPad running iOS 9.3.1

...and the old list logic from v2 doesn't work with v3 ???