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Hey Sergey,

Please help me out!

Hey Sergey!

Is there a way to send a POST command to the device using this example you gave, with all the information we have about the Sony TV http post:

var Data = "GET HTTP/1.0\r\n Host:\r\n Referer:\r\n Cookie: income=1\r\n \r\n";

I have learnt JavaScript, but the code you gave is a bit too complicated. I can send a command like the example above, if you could just show me what a POST command would look like with parameters like URL, Data and cookie.
I would really appreciate it!

Thanks a lot,

Hey Sergey,

This is the link for the Sony tv http commands:

Could you please take a look at the link and determine if it's http protocol or only http.
I'm using A/V and custom driver (http), and it's http post and I have to include a cookie parameter for authentication with the tv.

Please help me out with this, I'm trying to impress my boss with the capabilities of Iridium, but not having a cookie parameter makes it difficult to convince.

Thanks a lot,