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Als ik me niet vergis is dat niet volledig mogelijk..
Maar weet niet wat de huidige status is…
Heb je het vinkje "clear token" aan staan?

Het zou namelijk kunnen dat je Sonos systeem een ander IP heeft gekregen van de router/DHCP server, hiermee heb ik dit probleem ook wel eens gehad.

Clear token loste dat voor mij op.

Als je zeker weet dat het IP nooit wijzigt kan je deze ook aan het script toevoegen zodat het script altijd met dit IP connect! (je zou hiervoor door DHCP altijd hetzelfde IP laten uitdelen aan het mac adres van de Sonos player).
Thank you very much for the quick and clear replies Victoria!

will adapt to that then, is there a possibility to just receive variables when they are changed?
this makes the data-traffic a lot less.
I'm using a Wago 750-881 controller, when tested it to communicate with an other 881 controller via ethernet, i can send/receive 4000 word variables in 50ms, Iridium cannot handle this so thats where my question came from.

Thank you Victoria,

That's clear, next thing:
I need "real time" feedback, so when a button is pushed in iridium i need the feedback object directly.

I noticed that this doesnt work so well when i have so many adresses programmed, its running on 500ms now and thats too much time in my opinion, when i make the update time lower it seems the controller or iridium can't keep up.

Is there a workaround for this? and what's the absolute minimum time for 4000 adresses?
It's working after i had som help of a Iridium user who's good with javascript.
He wrote a script for me, the only problem was that the max length importable in iridium is 4 characters.

I needed a 12 character string, in javascript my helper created a function to combine the 3 and with the "MID" function block in Codesys the string of 12 can be split in 3 strings of 4 characters and now it works.
Thank you very much,

i am going to try it as soon as possible.

that sounds good to me, but how can i go from decimal to hex and from hex to ASCII?

thanks for your help.