Your comments

thanks for the reply.
I downloaded desktop server which is a blank page according to your instructions I gave IP pointing to my PC and put it into the start menu and I also tried my gateway IP.

This is what I've gathered from your website so far.

IPad client I left the IP pointing to the controller which is a iTach ip2ir. On the client I created a button extracted "C:\Program Files (x86)\XBMC\XBMC.exe" but still couldn't open up from PC.

Back to desktop server under project device panel I see commands properties but every time I click nothing happens.

Have you got a working example I know the ip will be different but at least I can see how it works or have you got any good step by step instructions I have tried looking on your website and so far no luck I know you are busy but I would like to sort this out before the end of my trial period which would be much appreciated.

Thanks again Paul