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Any idea about timing, I'm also waiting for this

Hi Roger,

Thanks for your advice.
This morning I could not get it to work; I used wireshark to see to difference in de webbrowser and the iRidum HTTP GET.
Although %3A is equal to :, it did not work.
This afternoon I had to reset the camera, and now it works! :)
I don't know why it did not work before.
I did try to send a string with scripting, but I din't know how to use a string in this particular HTTP GET function.
I have added my test project, perhaps you can have a look and show me how to send a string when I need this in the future.

Thanks again.

Hoi Theo,

Ik probeer een instructie filmpje lokaal te starten; is dat ook niet mogelijk.[size=78%]
' import file'  is grayed out bij dynamic images.