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You can use the official pjlink test software for confirm that teh projector is answering correct to the comands.

Hi Nikolay,

workaround the information below, maybe help you.

for help: from panasonic PT-Z870 on page 168.

These week we finished an installation with 3 Panasonic Projectors 2 x WD6300 and 1 PT-Z870UK, all of them controled by pjlink working fine , we only need to set the network password as none,

so login: admin1 ( default to Panasonic ) and password: none ( blank )


At the moment PJllink2 JS do not have the resource to authentication. The PJLink protocol authentication, is not simply inform user and password, is more complex. When the authentication feature is enabled in the Project and the tcp cliente connect to projector by port 4352, the projector send to the client an random number, the client need get this random number add the projector name , apply a MD5 algorithm, and send the result to the projector, within 30 seconds, if not the projector finish the connection.

So when I wrote the JS the time was short, and I did without authentication. I have intent to implement this in a new version in some time.

But, all PJlink compliance projectors have the possibility to disable authentication , and the PJlinj2 JS will work fine.

Sorry by that.

Hi Rusanov,
Thanks for your feedback,

Unfortunately the menu control is not part of PJlink Protocol it is focused in power control, input selection and status feedback. To do this we need to open a telnet connection ( not necessarily on port 23, can change depending on manufacturer ) with the projector and use the proprietary protocol of manufacturer, much more work.

PJLink Specification
Hi Rossen

We have some projects with AMX too. As you told, the Netlinx controller has FTP server, but has a http server too, and is ease to create a folder on root folder and put the images files there through ftp, and access iRidium access these images through http protocol . In the last year I made a project with iRidium using dynamic images loaded in a http server and it worked so fine.

Attached is part of this project to help you