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OK, thank you.

If the cloud is malfunctioning then the client will not be able to access its installation ?

1- As there is an application version 2 (i2control) and an application for version 3 (i3 pro), I suppose it is possible to have on an iPhone both functional applications (i2control AND i3 pro)?

2- In My licenses, Where is the documentation that explains pholosophy on the page ?

3- Add folder, for what purpose? Add key, for what use?

4- With version 2 we made a copy of the panel HWID or serial number of the KNX interface for a site license and with version 3, what do we do?

This is not what I meant because I knew i2control, but I do not know version 3.

So if it does not have utility yes it must be deleted !

When we discover version 3, we ask ourselves questions (not you).

In addition what does not facilitate help is that you do not like one can find in other manufacturers, a document for a topic (.pdf). For example iridium_V3.pdf

I do not know version 3, I do not speak English, I only have a technical English.

And since your documents are not in French, there is sometimes an ambiguity about the real meaning.

I came back to you because I had developed a client application with iRidium GUI Editor version 2. I did not commercialize it because I did not have a project for and the license was too expensive.

The license for a panel is not interesting because too complicated to manage when the customer changes his iPhone for example.

Yesterday I looked again at your site because I wanted to see prices and philosophy with version 3. And I have to answer a customer offer. management of a remote KNX installation (lights + blinds) for a witness apartment.

If it's good, there may be 10 apartments on this project.

In a few weeks, early 2017, I have to respond to another project. A witness apartment also and if it is good on this 2nd project there can be up to 80 apartments.

I just looked at the apple store.

You have 3 applications, i3 config (so we forget), i3 lite et i3 pro.


1- If I develop a client application like I2control, I need to use iRidium Studio on my PC.?

2- I had downloaded iRidium Studio in September 2015. The version V3.0.0.18093 of 02.09.2015 is the latest version ?

3- There is only one transfer software (iRidium Transfer [panels]), the same for version 2 and for version 3 ?

I use Ridium Transfer [panels] Version:

4- For a client application like I2control, the application to download on the apple store is I3 pro ?

5- For I3 pro and for a BAOS KNX viewing project only. I understand that I would have to take the basic version that can handle being used with 5 panels ?

5.1- For a price of 400 euros (as a Professional), What does the abbreviation MSRP mean (assuming it is the price for the customer)?

5.2- In this case, the basic license for 5 panels, there are no limitations on the number of addresses of groups or data points ?

5.3- How is the basic license managed? With the serial number of the Weinzierl BAOS 772 interface?

5.4- If the Weinzierl BAOS 772 interface does not work anymore and needs to be changed, for example due to a lightning surge. How does it happen ? The customer can not pay another license !

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Thank you,

I realized the transfer of the project (which is empty for now) on the server yesterday afternoon.
Now I'm stuck for testing the server (with scripts), I expect a trial license.
I asked yesterday a license to test the server with a panel project. I synchronised the KNX group addresses Project panel with the server.

Best regard

Where should the server projects be backed (recording) ?
Following How to Make a Server Project in iRidium Studio

I created a server project, with the iridium 3 structure, where should you normally save it?
Where we want you advise or as in iridium 2 in a Apps folder ?

With the client application is safeguarded projects in the Apps folder (C:\Users\Patrick\Documents\iRidium mobile 2\Apps)

You should review the installation process, because it is not clear. You should already naming the installation program by its correct name, which is not the case.
In the procedure in points 5 and 6 numbers, you say after installation (and no after running the appropriate app) and you list the folders and files that have must find, which is not the case.
I guess when you talk about launch the client, you mean to launch "iRidium.exe" in the C: \ Users \ Patrick \ AppData \ Local \ iRidium3 v3.0.0 beta \ iRidium
I can have the procedure or accurate links after installing iRidium 3 to continue.

Thank you

At point 6 of the Installation and Setup of Development Tools you say:

6. When installation is complete, you'll have a folder that contains configuration files for iRidium mobile. Here is a way to it (Documents\iRidium mobile 3\Settings). The foler contains:
- iRidium folder: contains an unpacked project, irconfig.xml and other settings files.
- Studio folder has the following architecture:
  • Database.
  • Gallery - folder for your gallery.
  • Sound - folder with sounds used in the editor.
  • Log - logs sorted by date.
The folder containing all configuration files is the the following destination folder: Documents\iRidium mobile 3\Settings\iRidium Server. The folder subcategories store the following files:
-Database - database of your server.
-Documents - unpacked project, irconfig.xml and other settings files.
-Logs - logs sorted by date.

After the installation on my PC:

In the iRidium directory there is only the Main.irpz file, there is no file irconfig.xml and other settings files

The studio directory has no directory structure announced. There is only directories: Gallery and Sounds and no Log and Database directories.

There is no folder "iRidium Server" in Documents\iRidium mobile 3\Settings\iRidium Server. For me the path is C:\Users\Patrick\Documents\iRidium mobile 3 beta 3.0.0\Settings

Database directory is in C:\Users\Patrick\AppData\Local\iRidium3 beta v3.0.0\Studio\Database
and no in C:\Users\Patrick\Documents\iRidium mobile 3 beta 3.0.0\Settings\Studio

I do not understand, in the installation procedure you say at the point number 4 that :
"the folder that contains configuring Server files are located here Documents\iRidium mobile 3\Settings\iRidium Server"
there is
no this directory !

Ok iridium 3 is installed in this directory.
What to do next?