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If you want you can do with team viewer.
I will remove the program, I will delete the directory because for windows it is not installed. And I will launch again the program "iridium_beta_setup_3.0.0.196.exe"
There is no in C: directory "iRidium3 beta v3.0.0"

Apparently the installer has installed only the files that you see on the screenshot in the "iRidium mobile 3 beta 3.0.0"
When looking at the installed programs, there is no iridium 3, see below.


You have received the compressed file ("iRidium mobile 3 beta 3.0.0.rar") ?
You want the directory contents?
I inserted the compressed file "iRidium mobile 3 beta 3.0.0.rar" but we do not know if it is inserted.

I launched this executable "iridium_beta_setup_3.0.0.196.exe" on windows 7 PC
I launched this executable "iridium_beta_setup_3.0.0.196.exe" on windows 7 PC
After installation there is no directory server in iRidium mobile 3 beta 3.0.0 folder. !!!!



I do not have the permissions.
To see how to install iRidium Server for Windows read here.

I made a request in late morning

Hello Nikita,

Is it possible to test the beta-server on windows 7 on my PC (to see the interface and the possibilities with the first version).
I downloaded the "iridium_beta_setup_3.0.0.196.exe".
I can
install it on my PC and keep the application iRidium Gui Editor and I2control Version 2.2 ?



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