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Thank you Andrey.

I'm going to test it...

Hello Tatiana,

I know this possibility which the visualisation project can be specified for each user.

Concerning my request, it is to use the email login of panel user into script program.

In order to give specific right by analyzing some daily data for example...

In fact, I want to deliver autorisation to open a door in function of specific schedule for each user ....

I look for to sell solution to the staff of city hall....

I hope my description is sufficiently clear according my English competence...

Best regards.

It is a great new.

Thank you.

Hi Aleksandr,

I tried it already. My request will complet it.

In fact, 

   several routines can use the same schedule. It would be best to enable/disable routines than schedule


An example, 

     a specific schedule parameter the sunset.

     several routines use it (close shutters / activate detection for light, etc),

 But, if user want to desactivate closing shutter only... actually it needs to write several schedules which are similar.

it is not logic.

I hope I have been clear with my little english....

Best regards

Thank you for your answer, 

effectively, it is easy to use it....

as we say in France :

      "I had thought it , Iridium has done it"

An example, 

for save the parameters of display for each user...