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Try to set the Proportional setting to None.

Unfortunately, to write data to a specific list item is possible only through create this list item.

I.e. if you want to change the value of a list item, you need to recreate it with the new value.

For example:

var List_1 = IR.GetItem("Frontpage").GetItem("Frontpage_list");

List_1.Template = "Frontpage_list_template";
List_1.CreateItem(0, 1, {Text: "$V"});
List_1.CreateItem(1, 1, {Text: "$V"});
List_1.CreateItem(2, 1, {Text: "$V"});
List_1.CreateItem(3, 1, {Text: "$V"});
List_1.CreateItem(4, 1, {Text: "$V"});
List_1.CreateItem(5, 1, {Text: "$V"});
List_1.CreateItem(6, 1, {Text: "$V"});
List_1.CreateItem(7, 1, {Text: "$V"});
List_1.CreateItem(8, 1, {Text: "$V"});
IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_LIST_ITEM_CHANGE, List_1, function(Item, Subitem, TypeEvent, object){

case 0:
List_1.CreateItem(0, 1, {Text: "!!!!!!"});
IR.Log("Level = "+Item+" Value = "+object.Value);
case 1:
IR.Log("Level = "+Item+" Value = "+object.Value);
case 2:
IR.Log("Level = "+Item+" Value = "+object.Value);

Попробуйте этот проект. Им я подключился к своей программе. Modbus.irpz

Проверьте внимательно все настройки подключения. Выключите все программы, которые могут занять порт 502. Выключите файервол или добавьте в исключения клиент i2control.

Подключаться к программе Modbus PLC Simulator пробовали? Или под штатным приложением вы и имеете ввиду эту программу?


Try adding in camera settings the following line:


And use this link: rtsp://admin:admin@

During loading the project, can you see the upload progress in the transfer?

Actually no. The sound should work without a license. Check the level of the sound in the app, when launch the project. To check it you can in the settings app

Try this project Project 2.irpz


Driver TCP is always connected to the equipment, we can see this from his settings

Driver HTTP connects to the equipment, when we send a command via the driver.

Try to add your command in URI field.


What license are you using?


To write a value to a list item, you need do the following

// Subscribe to the event of changing the value of the List subitem and write for the subitem

// value 32 in the property X
IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_LIST_ITEM_CHANGE, List_1, function(Item, Subitem, TypeEvent, object){
// The property X will be rewritten and the item will be moved to the corresponding position
object.X = 32;