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has this timer function ever been added ? if so, which drivers support it ?

the motivation for this is to make cloning of popups faster. currently if you clone a popup, you then need to edit the buttons that close the popup, as it still refers to the source popup page.

indeed it would be good to have a macro for "close the popup that this item is on", and a JS method for the same.

surely the quickest solution would be to have the editor parse any items, and update ALL references to the source pages and replace with the destination (cloned) page. this happens for some functions, but not all.

coupled with this idea, I'd like to be able to send feedback requests manually. otherwise the only method is:

on page load:

1) enable timer

2) wait for feedback to update

3) disable timer

sometimes you need feedback channels to update automatically. but if you have many, then it can be better to prioritise which ones you read frequently

I also would like this feature