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I´m sure that is sets as "extension in width", I tried with another PC with two monitors and the same,it fits the size of one monitor, I can move this between both monitors but the maximum width size that allows me is of one monitor.

It is urgent to me solve this problem.

Can you send me the project that you used to test that goes out across the width of the two monitors?, to rule out that it is my mistake in the configuration.


I tried both, with and without full screen, in both I have the same result, one is fixed in the middle monitor and with the other I can move between the monitors, but always with the width of one monitor. 

Each monitor is set to 1152x768, so I use a  project with 3456x768

I tried to do what you said but it does not work the image shows small (attach picture). I can’t do it exten to the other monitor. I tried with no fill image too

Thanks Theo,

 I already tried that, but in some places in my country (like this one) they do not have 4G signal and 3G only works sometimes so it makes me very difficult to load projects.

I upload the .png image in the gallery and then drag it from the gallery to the project

"You can also collect information from the database, making for example the XML file and send it to some external service to print. Again you may do it through the scripts."

How I do it throuch the scripts?

Hello Dmitry,

I am not in the same city of the project but I can give you an TeamViewer access.

Is the same computer