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Thanks for the quick feedback. Unfortunately I'm not an expert so would it be possible to write few rows to execute this:

if system time is greater than sunset time, then close the shutters.

Thank you so much for your support!

Wow, it works! I am actually using version 2 of Iridium and I was able to make it run. However, the script, as an example, gives me the possibility to write a text. Would it be possible to adapt this example to run a function on server from the client?

Thanks for your support.

Hi Dimitry and sorry for the late response. In fact I have resolved the KNX command with this: IR.GetDevice("KNX Router (KNXnet/IP)").Set("CONNECT", "");

The real problem is in fact to execute this command at a specific time of the day... For instance close the shutters at 10:00:00pm, and repeat this action everyday...

Hi - I tried the script and this did not work exactly I wanted it to work. However, the concept of "IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_ITEM_HIDE,IR.GetItem" is exactly what I needed to create the conditions. I was able to get what I wanted by changing few rows. Thanks so much for the support.


Thanks for the reply - I will try this script when I get back home this evening and will keep you posted on the result.