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Ilya Markov (expert) 1 year ago in KNX / ColorPicker • updated 1 year ago 1

KNX ColorPicker

Type: Light

Developer: iRidium mobile

Manufacturer: KNX

The module enables control of ColorPicker devices in the KNX bus with manual input of parameters for the device.Supported devices: KNX Router (KNX module), KNX IP BAOS 771/772/777 (KNX BAOS 771/772/777 module), KNX IP BAOS 770 (KNX BAOS 770 module).


  • Color control;
  • Brightness control.

Sets of Actions, Events, Conditions enables use of all module functions in macros and scenes (routines).


  1. Set color - to set color of the light;
  2. Set brightness - to set brightness of the light.


  1. Light has become brighter - brightness has become higher than the indicated value;
  2. Light has become less bright - brightness has become lower than the indicated value.


  1. Light is brighter - brightness is higher than the indicated value;
  2. Light is less bright - brightness is lower than the indicated value.