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Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 12 months ago in General • updated by Oksana (expert) 12 months ago 1


If we want to support IoT, we also have to support IFTTT (www.ifttt.com).

Please add support for IFTTT



Dmitry Ryzhkov 3 months ago in General • updated 3 months ago 11

Hi all.

We are glad to present our driver for beta testing.

Our company has long worked hard to achieve these results. We encountered a number of difficulties but we are on the right way.

What is needed to control:

1. Apple TV IP address

2. Turn on Home Sharing on your Apple TV and enter the Username and Password in the i3 pro

3. Press the GO button

We are still working on stability and fixes some bugs.

We will be glad to receive your suggestions.

Best Regards Team SeeTouch Engineering.

Download: AppleTV_beta2.pirpz

Vladimir Bykov 1 year ago in General • updated by Oksana (expert) 1 year ago 1

It would be great to add hot keys to the hints on the buttons. The same thing could be done for the items in the context menu and some items in the main menu.

On the whole, it would be good to have more hot keys in Studio.

For example, for the button of Emulator start:

Before: Emulator

Now: Start Emulator (F5)

For the context menu:

Before: Group

Now: Group (Ctrl + G)

Jackie Roos 5 months ago in General • updated by lukask 5 months ago 1

Hi all

Has anyone got control strings to unlock, door bell greetings etc for Dahua IP Video Door stations?


Kenny Stoepel 2 months ago in General • updated by Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 2 months ago 1

Could you please set autofocus on all input fields in macro editor. example: when you add a delay you get the popup and the value is highlighted. direct keyboard input, no mouse action needed. When you add "send project token" you have to click the input field in order to start typing (ctrl V or something) Also make the enter button same as click ok ( in both popup // macro editor window)

Waiting for user's reply
Vladimir Chernov 1 year ago in General • updated by Oksana (expert) 1 year ago 1


It would be nice if I could shut down all the projects in the Studio at once.

Thank you.

a.pivovarov 4 months ago in General • updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 4 months ago 1

У меня есть такое окно, в котором вводится текст.

Текст длинный и не помещается в окно.

Хотелось бы иметь полноценный editbox со скроллбарами и т.д.

Vuong Xuan Phuc 8 months ago in General • updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 3 months ago 3

I want use script to manage many Virtual tag. But I do'nt know how to set or get Virtual tag in Script mode. Thanks

Maurits Roos 8 months ago in General 0


Can we have a button link on the Users and panels page on the email line the same continue registration on the email that is sent to users so me can do a manual registration on the web site if we need to due to having problems with the email being received

This would enable us to be able to set everything up for the customer with out having bother them with the email and registration and provide a better service

All they need to do is tell us what what they want there password to be and we do the rest a lot simpler and easier for both party's

Maurits Roos 8 months ago in General • updated by Justin 3 weeks ago 3

I have iridium i3 running on windows touch screen Licenced for Basic licence for AV control and Global Cache working fine apart from a couple of times it has come up randomly no licence found

You need to go cloud and re download the project to get it back working

I have had it happen on IOS and android devices as well and I didn't worry about it as I thought it was due to testing

Now I have customers up and running with i3 I have had it happen on there sites as well

Is there something we need to do to stop this happening