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Damian Martinez 3 months ago in General • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 2 months ago 2

Good morning. Im creating a i3pro - iridium server project to control a 5-line knx installation. Some times when I assign a command to a buttom in the interface the server sends a knx telegram to a different group address.

The server and the interface app are synchronized. When I write to the group address directly from the server web interface it works. It seems that the order from the interface to the server has a mismatch

How can I solve this? How does the server-interface communication work?

Not a bug
Евгений Лешкив 3 months ago in General • updated by Oksana (expert) 3 months ago 6

По образу i2 продолжаю активно пользоваться группами.

Замеил такую особенность, раньше при изменении названия группы попапов это название автоматически изменялось во всех макросах на кнопках.

Сейчас - нет. При изменении названия группы попапов это название не изменяется в макросах и, как следствие, макросы с группами попапов перестают работать.

Oksana (expert) 3 months ago

У вас устаревшая версия Studio, актуальная 1.1.0, скачать можно здесь в составе Setup

Kenny Stoepel 3 months ago in General • updated by Ekaterina (head of support) 3 months ago 3

When a button has multiple feedbacks set behaviour accordingly "AND" condition, "OR" condition to its state example: if button has 5 FB then i would like the following. if there is only 1 on I want state 2, ALL off sets state 1. I would expect that people would want this the other way around too (ALL on = state 2 else state 1). the behaviour now is the last feedback sets the state of the button.

Mike Slattery 3 months ago in General • updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 2 months ago 1

How can I set Kiosk mode with android? I need to disable the showing of the Android buttons. There should be a method in iRidium to disable these buttons.

Martin Lang 3 months ago in General • updated by Martin Lang 3 months ago 2

Just a short simple question: Is the connection between a iRidium Panel (iPad, Android, Windows Client, etc.) to a iRidium Server encrypted?

Евгений Лешкив 3 months ago in General • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 3 months ago 1

Добрый день!

На картинке отмечен объем оперативной памяти выделяемой системой для iRidium Studio. 1GB - не очень ли круто? В процессе работы заметно, как комп замедляется :(

Marco Tanis 4 months ago in General 0


I am looking for a simple way to send email notifications in iridium server on events for example:

If a temperature sensor from my knx driver goes above 40 degrees, i want to get an email with the text "temperature high alarm".

can anyone tell me how to do this?



Not a bug
Thomasvandenberg 5 months ago in General • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 5 months ago 5

I want to update my studio but my studio says that I have the latest version(1.0.8). If I download the studio from the site I see there is a version 1.0.10. After installing the 1.0.10 version from the site, my studio software is 1.0.8. Why can't I update my studio with the update button in the studio?

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 6 months ago in General • updated 6 months ago 2


A customer wants to create a control center, to monitor all networkdevices in one dashboard.

With a driver token (online) or by a setting up a connection to the device and monitor these connections.

But the question is: how many connections iRidium mobile can handle?

1) by controlpanel directly to all networkdevices

2) by iRidium Server

Are there limitations ? or not?



ibrahim.yucel 6 months ago in General 0


I get alarm status from climate station with using Modbus TCP. There are 5 alarm points in there.

The customer wants to see warning and short sound on main page when any alarms came. How can I create a logic for these 5 alarms and how can I set a sound for playing?