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Barry Jones 3 days ago in Products / Other drivers • updated 2 days ago 4

any tips to getting the Razberry iridium driver to work, can control Razberry from the browser control but cant get the driver to work, any one used it, would love some tips 

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Francesco Zangara 3 weeks ago in Products / Other drivers • updated 3 weeks ago 5

Sometimes, when I press on answer button, the driver not send the answer command.

For test I use:

- Fastell analog doorcom

- Analog telephone

- VoIP telephone

- Yeastar MyPBX SOHO with 2 FXS

- Yealink T42 VoIP telephone

- Siemens Gigaset Maxwell VoIP telephone

- iPad (iOS 10.3.1) with i3Pro (1.1.5:12117)

- LG-H500 (Android 6.0) with i3Pro (1.1.4:11977)

- PC (Windows 10 Pro x64) with Emulator (1.1.4:12002) and Studio (1.1.4:19408)

All i3Pro have same project( https://s3.amazonaws.com/iridiumdeveloperdoc/SIP/_SIP+%5BSimple+Intercom%5D+tablet%2C+PC.irpz ), I simple change IP and ID+password for each device

When I call a ring group from Fastell, all device ringing (correct) and when I press the answer button, the communication is established. But sometime i3Pro not send the answer command (see log), so i3Pro where i press the button, switch to "talking page" but not open the communication and other device still ringing. In this case i need close communication from hangup button on i3Pro, otherwise the next call will not ring the devices.

***i3Pro Log from emulator (wrong answer)***

[08-05-2017 12:40:27.821] WARNING DEVICE Recieved Host:, External Host:, External IP:
[08-05-2017 12:40:27.836] WARNING DEVICE !!! Direct Connection via server !!!
[08-05-2017 12:40:32.582] INFO SOUND_RES Set codec type payload 3

***i3Pro Log from emulator (work answer)***

[08-05-2017 12:40:54.882] WARNING DEVICE Recieved Host:, External Host:, External IP:
[08-05-2017 12:40:54.902] WARNING DEVICE !!! Direct Connection via server !!!
[08-05-2017 12:40:57.093] INFO SOUND_RES Set codec type payload 3
[08-05-2017 12:40:57.196] WARNING DEVICE In <Invite Talk> state. ACK. Media Delayed Flag = 0 .All OK... in <Invite OK> Code: 904 102 ACK

Kenny Stoepel 4 months ago in Products / Other drivers • updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 4 months ago 1

Would it be possible to keep sending a command on the "on hold" event. I would like to create a trigger button (on/off) + on hold dim up/down.

Barry Jones 5 months ago in Products / Other drivers • updated by Ilya Markov (expert) 1 month ago 6

Any Support pages or tutorial on the new Fibaro Driver for i3pro

Khurram Masud 7 months ago in Products / Other drivers 0


I am interested in adding 2N Helios ip door intercom to my project. I have no idea where to start, anybody can help me with that. I have tried using SIP intercom but that is not working for me. Any suggestions please,


Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 7 months ago in Products / Other drivers • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 7 months ago 1


We tested the Philips Hue driver on the website (www.iRidiumMobile.net)

We discovered 3 things:

1) There is no color-picker to select your own color

2) When we click on the button, only 1 lamp can be controlled. Where can we find the other lamps (lights) that we want to control?

3) Every time we start the Emulator, the app is asking to press the button on the bridge... Why the app is not remembering the settings?

Please implement this in the driver; so every installer has a good example how to implement it.



Мишаня Кручинин 8 months ago in Products / Other drivers • updated by Andrey S 3 months ago 1

Добрый день,есть ли у кого нибудь опыт интеграции с Nuvo или Fusion research?


настройки SIP сервера - разговор 1 минута. набираю с панели на другого СИП клиента (дело происходит на mobotix домофоне у которого и сип сервер и сип клиент в одном) появляется попап outgoing в котором SIP.Status показывает ON Hook -> Trying->Talking. Проходит минута -по логам сервера видно, что разговор закончился:

19:47:40VOIPvoipAccepted incoming call from 202@
19:48:40VOIPvoipCall disconnected.
статус при этом остается Talking и скрипт который смотрит на изменение на OnHook не срабатывает, - остается попап Talking. Подскажите к чему бы можно было бы прицепиться, чтобы убрать попап разговора?
Andrew Glossop 8 months ago in Products / Other drivers 0

When using feedback for a driver (specifically Helvar), is it now possible to use jscript to change the timer setting ?

I'd like to reduce the timer when a page is shown, so that values update quickly. then increase the timer setting when the page isnt loaded. I need to do this as I cant have 300 channels being updated every few seconds.

Is this now possible in v3 pro ? I seem to remember that it was going to be done, but havent seen anything in the release docs about it being included

Not a bug
Dennis Dekker 8 months ago in Products / Other drivers • updated 4 months ago 6

Browsing a duotecno installation (by duotecno tcp/ip config tool)disconnects the i3 application and the duotecno homemanager says: server busy. After browsing i have to close the i3 application and re-open it to connect it. The homemanager reconnects automatically

Oksana (expert) 5 months ago

Hello Dennis,

We check it and we can't repeat.

1. What version duotecno tcp/ip config tool do you use?

2. Can you write step-by-step info, how we can repeat?