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1.2.0 it's solved! Thx was using

I agree with Benno and Theo, development should be done if your customers ask for things.

Customers are who in fact helped you get your product at the point in t now is. It seems like we get no thanks for that and that our opinion is less important/of no importance.

New functions are a good thing but first make your current customers happy with devolopment they need for faster programming and debugging

In my opinion first priority needs to be to keep your current customers happy.

As Benno says, we can vote whatever we want but if you don't feel like developing you don't develop. So what's the use of that...

If iRidium keeps working this way i think you're going to lose customers!!

Exactly the moment's i have those errors indeed.

same troubles over here... running as admin! Win7

Checked it, had an older version of the project (was 1.2 but dated earlier) and works! Thx

I have the problem that in project Sonos 1.2 the track, artist and album are not shown, anyone know how to fix?

Doesn't work on either iPad mini gen1 as in Win7pro 64bit

Hi Jackie, same as yours.

tested it shortly and seemed to work in iridium... but no long term testing, no time at the moment.

Same version and build over here... i think the 7.2 update was silently replaced by 7.2.1 so its again called 7.2..