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Добрый день

Драйвер доработан. Проверьте пожалуйста

ok, our users work in the following algorithm:

1) They download example of driver from our site

2) They integrate it and customize temselfes via script

If you don't know how you can customize project via scripts, then you can read our wiki and watch our webinars

About your project. We create an example of script that you need Z-WAVE Fibaro-1 (1).irpz you should watch to the script "Fibaro"


Sorry for the delay. 

As i said earlier, modules on our site is a script driver and example how it can be used in project, but we does not customize this exaples for each user. If you want to use this example in your project, then you should integrate it in your project and change scripts as you want


Does your problem solved?


It is in development for ets5. Does you has ets file with descriptions from ets4?


sorry, we had weekend. Example, that i send you, has GUI widgets for each zwave module. You should cotomize it as you want


Tell me please, doues you use port forwarding or VPN for getting external access to your camera?


We start research your task. It works via teamviewer in our office, so i need addition info. Can you send me project that has problem with teamviewer, write PC configuration and internet channel width