Changing schedules (clocks/timers) in iRidium Server by end-user

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 7 years ago in Server Solutions updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 5 years ago 26


Installers need the option, that end-users can change the scheduled timers/clocks that are defined in iRidium Server.

Also values, used in routines, have to be changeble by end-users. For example set-points for temperatures etc: end-users must be able to change them by theirself.

PLease implement this.



Strange indeed, I had this for years in Gira Homeserver. I didn't come to this point yet while rebuilding a project in iRidium.

In that case I would indeed suggest a broad solution in which virtual channels are the source of such functionality. That way many things will become user adjustable. You could even go as far as to adjust scenes by the user.

It's strange why nobody from iRidium LTD replied to this 'idea' (it's not an idea, it's a function that we need urgent ;-) )

in EVERY visualization-software / server the end-user can change everything: clocks, timers, scenes, etc. But not in iRidium mobile ...

When can we expect this????




We can not do it now or in the next couple of months, so this functionality remains in the idea.

any progress???

Installers need this option!!!


Any news on an ETA of this function? And maybe a description of what will be changable?

Only clocks or also scenes, etc?

I understand from a similar topic the ETA on this is spring 2018


Is it possible to get a time line when it should be possible to have this function (end-user could change the days/timestamps used in schedules)? I've also spoken to a support employee today, at the moment this function isn't added, but he will also have a look when this would be possible.

Thanks a lot!


Hi Kurt,

This functionality is promised for a long time; last ETA was April (2018).

But many installers are still waiting, just like we...

And waiting… and waiting...



Same here. I'm sure we don't know all the details, but it doesn't seem too complicated to create functionality in which virtual channels can be set from the panel in combination with using virtual channels for setting these kind of values/settings?

In my opinion this basic usability function would be more urgent then BYOD functions which is more a sales gadget.


Colleagues, now it's in development ...

How to adjust the time of schedules from the control panel?

Using the new instructions (https://dev.iridi.com/Demo_schedule_edit/en) you will learn how to display the schedules on the customer's panel and will have the opportunity to adjust the time of the schedules. A script implementation will allow you to embed schedules in the design of the project.

Notification: use the server version no lower than 1.2.11

Anybody tested this yet ?


I've just tested this topic. Thanks a lot for this topic/reply.

I've got 3 schedules on my server project.

When adding the new tags, scripts (panel and server), I've tested the new panel project.

When opening the new Events page, I see the 3 schedules and I can changes this, this looks good.

Only thing I've seen, there's a lot of space at the list box at the left side:

What could be the reason of this?


Hi, please attach your project

The empty space in the list is caused by the height of the Events_LIST popup, which is used as a list item template. Reduce the height of the popup.

OK, thanks a lot, works good now:

When open the image or another event from the event list, the new date time is standard always selected. Is it possible when open an event, no new date-time is selected?

If I understand you correctly, do you want the fields for entering new date and time values when selecting an event to be empty?

If yes, then in the script in lines 63 and 64 assign empty lines:

keyboard in ihone is not shown to change the date and time please fix it


Got it, fix it soon

so will you fix this ? Or its already fixed?

we fix it. Redownload project from wiki please

changing the time and date from the end user for schedule is not working please fix.

In the panel project you specified the correct Host and Port for the server?