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1) Download and install wireshark app

2) Start wireshark and press "start" button

3) Open default sonos app on windows

4) wait 20-30 seconds

5) Press "stop" button in wireshark app

6) Press in wireshart File->Save as and save it in file.

This file attach here

send me please log file from win client

What sonos devices does you has?

Check your router. Does it allow all upnp connections?

ok, i broke it too))

i attach a link to drive with our new beta windows client and new sonos project. try it and give me a feedback

attach your project to this ticket please

ok. what mobile devices does you use? Ios or Android Device? And what os version?


How does you use feedbacks? In script or your drag&drop feedback to an item?

Я поставил эту задачу в очередь разработку. В будущих версиях появится

добрый день.

вы можете установить новый размер шрифта. Пример тут:Управление_шрифтом

Но получить текущий размер шрифта не можете