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I have a question regarding the site license.

I have a site license in a bridge for HDL bus pro with few equipment and is already working, the site is a school with two buildings the first building is already working, Now I need to put a second bridge for HDL bus pro in the other building that has the same network.

My question is: do I need to buy another license for controlling the equipment connected to the second bridge even though is in the same network as the first bridge ?

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If you will have constant connection with the licensed controller, then you do not need a second license.


Thanks for your reply

right now i2.2 is connected to the first bridge that has the site license.

I think I need to change it to local broadcast and test it again

Yes, when you use the local connection is better to use a broadcast

Hi Dmitry

I have change the panel to broadcast but have the same result only works the equipment connected to the bridge the one that has the site license.

I have made a quick test with iridium studio, I made 4 trigger buttons

In the first 2 trigger buttons I put channel 1 (command) and (feedback) of the relay connected to the bridge

In the 3 and 4 trigger buttons I put channel 1 (command) and (feedback) of the relay connected to the bridge

Now when I use the emulator on i3 with the developer panel test everything works fine.

So my conclusion is that: I need another site license for the other bridge?

Will this work with the same mask created for i2v2.2 ? I can see all the equipment from HDL with the scan udp option inside iridium.

The main problem is that I need to control both sides, that's the whole point of the site license.


As I understand it, you was have a project configured for only one IP interface of the HDL ( Then you just change the IP address into the driver of HDL

Try to re-scan the network to add all the available devices. Site license should work, because for her, the main condition is the connection with the licensed controller.

If there is a connection with a licensed controller and the license received serial number, the project will work.


The project was always with 2 bridges and 1 site license but just last week the finally could make a connection from the second bridge to the first bridge and put them in the same network.

when I test it, I was surprise it didn't work, that's why I'm asking what can I do? to solve this problem?


I sent you the project file, everything was ok?

Hope to hear from you soon.


where do I get the connection log?, the project file I can send you.


The connection log you can see if you press F4 on the keyboard while the emulator is running.

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