QR connecting to remote server

Gary Wilson 8 years ago in Transfer updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 8 years ago 4

Hi, when trying to update project via qr code, it recognises qr code but then gets stuck on connecting to remote server. I have tried this with my own project and example ones from wiki. Any thoughts? I have followed all instructions on WIKI

Hi Gary

I have had that problem when there is something wrong with the path to the server - check the path and permissions etc After I got this right it worked every time and no problems since :)

Hi, Thanks for your resonse. I have tried this and path is ok. Checked it directly from phone and no permissions required. Even tried using one of iridium test https link and no joy. Any other suggestions?


Under review


Please, write us in support - support@iridiummobile.ru

Describe the problem and send a link to the project.