Driver TV`s TCP

Nello Bianchi Szajnberg 8 лет назад в Продукты / HDL-BUS Pro обновлен 7 лет назад 1

Hello friends.

I would like if possible help from you to the next question.
It would be possible to send you supply me some design (.irpz)? With the commands of TV's, blu-ray, receiver .....
For currently working with HDL products in Brazil, and would more sophisticate my projects, using commands for TCP.
With the help of you sending me projects with this content. I'm sure that will make life easier for other programmers;

I appreciate the help, and the solutions already found here in this forum (I and the people who work with me here in Brazil)

In case it's not possible. I appreciate the attention.

Best regards
Nello Bianchi

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